Accessible Web Design

From website design to search engine optimisation and marketing, it's important to plan for every aspect of your website. A good number of our clients call upon us to develop an area of the development that they have overlooked, whether it's the technical standards based coding that's missing, or failure to have a marketing plan to utilise the power of search engines, crizza2000 can assist at any stage of development. Contact us for a free quote.

// Services

Re-Build exisiting site

We can take your site and technically rewrite the code to make the site becomes standards compliant and legally adheres to the disability discrimination act (DDA). This can be done without effecting the visual asthetics of the existing site.

Web Development

We are able to offer high quality website development using a highly skilled network of professionals. We are able to build small scale 1 page sites, all the way up to database driven content management systems or e-commerce solutions. As you would expect from any serious web development agency/collective, all our sites are hand-coded and tailored to individual client requirements.


Web Design

We provide high quality website design, which is essential in making the first impression to your target audience. Using our expertise in usability, accessibility and web standards, we are able to produce engaging visual design's to the highest standard both technically and visually. Feel free to get in touch, to discuss your requirements.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a web site is only the first step towards making use of the internet as a marketing tool. Even say more important is promoting your site to ensure you attract as many customers as possible. Search engine optimisation is a crucial part of your web marketing. get in touch, to discuss your requirements.